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General Dentistry


The root canal procedure is performed to combat infection in a tooth, whether or not this is accompanied by persistent dental pain. In general, the dentist will clean out the tooth and remove abscesses, sanitize the root, and outfitted with its permanent filling and crown.


The CEREC ceramic restoration system requires only one visit to the dentist’s office, making it one of the most popular and efficient procedures available. With traditional crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers, there is often a more complex, time-consuming approach required, but with CEREC you get a permanent, long-lasting and durable restoration in just a single day.


Dental emergencies can occur at any time and to any member of the family, so it’s important to know you have a trusted practitioner you can call at a moment’s notice that will quickly and expertly treat your most pressing dental issues. If you’re suffering from a sudden toothache, a chipped or broken tooth, or any problem with your bite, jaw or mouth, do not hesitate to call us immediately at Dentique.


If your teeth are suffering from minor fissures, cracks or pockets of decay, composite fillings can help restore your smile. Dr. Rahbar carefully matches the fillings to the color of your teeth for a natural and beautiful result. After eliminating the unwanted debris, cleaning the tooth and applying the composite filling, she will then polish and refine the final product so your bite feels comfortable.


A strong healthy smile is one that is free from vulnerability to infection and decay. Dental sealants painlessly coat the ridges and troughs in the teeth that are so susceptible to disease, sealing your teeth against a host of future costly problems. A dental sealant can be applied to a child’s teeth as soon as they come in, however, teens and adults can also benefit from this all-important treatment.


In small amounts, fluoride can help prevent cavities from forming, as well as repair those teeth that are merely on the verge of decay. The fluoride that can help fortify the tooth’s enamel may be delivered through a toothpaste, a topical treatment, or through food and drinks containing fluoride. A professional application is ideal for combatting the cavities that form as a result of poor genes, poor dental hygiene, poor diet, or bacteria.


Today’s advanced digital technology has made dental x-rays safer and more comfortable than ever before. Our team at Dentique is passionate about taking all precautions to protect you from the harmful effects of low-level radiation. We also know that our San Diego clients have busy schedules, so we make sure your x-rays are performed efficiently and quickly so you can spend as little time at the dentist’s office as possible.


While for some patients, the wisdom teeth may come in without causing disturbances, many of us will need these extra molars removed in order to avoid jaw pain, swelling, bleeding gums, and bite issues. Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth can also cause sleep disorders.


Tooth pain is one of the most uncomfortable and dreaded aspects of life, and for many, the cure is just as dreadful as the disease. At Dentique, we understand your anxiety and try to create a patient experience that is as stress-free and gentle as possible.


Dr. Rahbar provides thorough, painless dental exams and cleanings in the San Diego area, working to prevent cavities and disease before they occur. A trip to our world-class facilities is a spa-like experience, and Dr. Rahbar’s calm, compassionate demeanor creates a stress-free environment for your regular dental care. She also promotes patient education so that clients of all ages can better learn how to practice effective oral hygiene at home.

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