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“Love love love this office, the space is so beautiful and the ladies that work here are SO on top of it. Dental care has always been something I dreaded doing and now it feels like a form of self-care. Dr. Rahbar and Nadia work so gently and are super mindful of their patients and their comfort as well, which has been huge for me. And even though they’re super busy, they’re still so accommodating with scheduling and are always able to work something out. Not to mention too that seeing such a beautiful and successful dental office with only female staff is so inspirational and honestly refreshing. Definitely taking some notes for myself in the future!”
Zaynab, Yelp
“Dentique is definitely not your typical dental office. From the second you walk in, you feel so welcomed by the extraordinary ladies in the front (Yadira, Jessica, and office manager Erika) and very comfortable, even with the scent. The office doesn’t have that distinct smell of dental products. Instead, you smell a calming scented candle. Dentique has genuinely exceeded my expectations as a cosmetic dentistry office and spa!

“I had the pleasure of having Dr. Rahbar and the talented back office ladies (Claudia, Cynthia, Marzylle, and dental hygienist Nadia) achieve the beautiful and natural-looking smile I forever dreamt of having.”

Nin, Google
“Amazing!!!!!! The best dental experience I have ever had, not to mention the spa-like feels. Dr. Rahbar is incredible to say the least. I came in for an implant consultation and have been treated so wonderfully from beginning to end. She performed my surgery and discovered other areas she attended to that may have resulted in future problems. I have so much peace knowing she has taken her time to check every single tooth and address all of my concerns.

“Her staff is wonderful as well, very warm and welcoming. The dentist has never been on my favorites list but Dentique has made all my nerves and fears to be put at ease. I am very picky and did lots of research, so thankful I did, because I am more than satisfied with my experience with Dentique.”

Lorena, Yelp

“I had been researching where to go in San Diego for cosmetic dentistry & had been to a few popular offices in San Diego for consultations. Obviously, I was looking on Yelp but I was also looking on Instagram because I wanted to see before and after photos – I was so afraid of getting FAKE looking veneers. Honestly, when I saw Dentique on Instagram I thought they would be the most expensive because the office is so nice, but I was so happy when the cost per veneer was actually less than one office I went to and close in price as another popular office. But the price wasn’t the only reason I chose to work with Dr. Rahbar- she is THE NICEST, the whole staff is amazing and her before/afters speak for themselves, they look natural and not at all like fake teeth. I just got my temporaries in and so far I LOVE THEM, will post an update when I get my final smile!”

Allie, Yelp



“I’ve never been to a more beautiful dentist office. Not to mention the most relaxing. Dr. Rahbar was so patient with me, answering all my questions & explaining everything in a way I could understand. Desiree was so much fun and so sweet, Jessica, the patient coordinator was so helpful in explaining everything about insurance/coverage, etc. and the icing on the cake was Stephanie, the massage therapist, who did some work to relieve the tension in my jaw (I guess I grind my teeth?) for TMJ. I have recommended Dentique to everyone I know because they are simply the best dental office in San Diego.”

Amber, Google
“I had the best dentist experience here. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I came in for a teeth cleaning and it was the most thorough cleaning I have ever received. I’m usually not too excited to go to the dentist because I do not take the greatest care of my teeth but my technician was so nice and patient in explaining everything to me, I am actually looking forward to going back and getting some things done I have been putting off.”
Alexander, Google
“I love Dr. Rahbar. I have been going to her for years. She is a very detailed perfectionist, and did an awesome job on my veneers! I’d recommend her to anyone!”
Jennifer, Facebook
“I saw Dr.Rahbar about a year and a half ago for some cosmetic work and whitening. I thought her examination was thorough and informative. I had a few fillings replaced on my back teeth and they had cavities formed around them. She replaced 4 crowns I had in my front teeth as they were bulky and discolored. After whitening and my new crowns, I am a new person! Not only do I get compliments on my new smile almost once a week, but I’m also no longer feeling the sensitivity I used to have on my back teeth. I have referred my sons to her and they are equally pleased with her work. I highly recommend Dr.Rahbar”
Cami, Yelp

“I finally found the BEST dentist! I saw Dr. Rahbar for the first time and she made me feel so comfortable during my initial visit. she walked me through the step by step procedure of the treatments she recommended. I came back to her to start my dental work. she is very helpful with all my questions. her hands are very light. I know I have to be comfortable enough to go through extensive work and I’m very surprised that she was able to calm me down. I recommended her to my friends and they said the same thing. we highly recommend Dr. Rahbar!”

Christina, Facebook
“Dr. Rahbar is incredible! I’ve been to her for all of my dental work for years. Most recently I was nervous about having a root canal, but she and her staff made the entire process seamless and literally completely painless! Completely painless and professional, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve also been to Dr. Rahbar for numerous cleanings, fillings, and have my teeth whitened there several times. Each time Dr. Rahbar listened patiently to my concerns and completely put me at ease. I would trust Dr. Rahbar with all of my dental care. She is experienced, knowledgeable, affordable, and great at what she does. I’d highly recommend it to anyone!”
Gloria, Yelp

“I’m terrified of the dentist. I’ve never had a good experience. The sounds, the stabbing pain of the X-rays, the jabbing of your gums to clean them- all of that made me stay away from the dentist for longer than I’d like to admit.

After finding this office online and discovering it was a part of my network I thought I’d finally face my fear and try again. It’s taken a lot to work up to it but I know it’s critical for my health.

They reassured me every step of the way. Nadia, the dental hygienist took her time, explained every step to me, and before it happened, and checked for oral cancer and abnormalities. Why has no one else ever done this before? She was brilliant.

Dr. Rahbar was incredibly kind. Unlike previous dentists who scolded me and made me feel bad for not brushing well enough, she took the time, showed models, and carefully explained why oral health was important.

Places like Western Dental feel like a money grab. They don’t feel clean or welcoming. Dentique is the complete opposite. It’s a beautiful, clean, stress-free office. They take the time to explain your finance options and give you opportunities to break up your treatment. It truly feels like they care about me and my health, not just what they can get out of my insurance policy.

On top of everything, they offer spa services. Get the neck and shoulder massage! Stephanie’s hands are magic.

I’m never going to another dentist. Thank you so much for helping me face my fears and take care of my health


I had to go in for 8 cavities. (Yes, I know that’s a crazy number- no judging.) I took a long lunch and was able to go back to work 2 hours later (including travel time.) so fast! I was only numb for a couple of hours and afterward, I was able to eat like normal. I have no clue how they do it. Every other dentist would leave me in pain. This office works magic. ”

Pheonix, Yelp

“Great dentist. Very gentle and knowledgeable. Recommend highly. ”

Sam, Google

“Had some crowns and veneers done on my front teeth by this doctor last year and I am very happy and get compliments all the time! Friends I have referred are very happy as well. Will continue to see her in the future.”

Grant, Facebook

“I love Dr. Rahbar! She did an amazing job on my veneers!!”

Julia, Facebook

“I have been to Dentique on two occasions and have been blown away with the quality of services and attention to detail of this office. I was greeted by Jessica who was very sweet and very knowledgeable. I did not feel rushed and overwhelmed like at other offices that focus on volume. This office focuses on providing quality services and the treatment was never rushed. Being a fellow healthcare provider I have a keen eye for attention to detail when treating patients, Dr. Nikou and Nadia (her dental hygienist) are par with some of the best in the industry. My visit was due to having pain in my jaw due to clenching at night. A comprehensive radiographic protocol was given and guess what, NO CAVITIES!! A custom guard was made for me, and I look forward to picking it up and making a quality change to my sleeping problems. I would recommend this office to both my close friends and family. Thanks again to the Dentique team for such a phenomenal experience.”

Baron, Yelp

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